Wednesday 23 April 2014

Freeform Dreads Grow Slower? + More (Dreadlocks Q&A #38)

Episode #38 of my dreadlocks question and answer series - where I answer YOUR questions! 

Les Betz
Question: is it recommended to wash ur locks/knots the same night as adding new ones or putting ones back in that washed out?

Dee Holmes
Question: what's your take on freeform locs. Do they grow slower than maintained dreads? 

john osullivan
QUESTION: Hey Christian, I was wondering how you`re girlfriend finds you`re dreadlocks and if she herself is a dreadhead? and also, have relationships in your experience been affected either positively or negatively by you having dreadlocks at all? Thanks :)

Question: is it safe for young dreadlocks to get dyed?

Aarohee Aldas 
How soon into the dreading stage should I use moisturizers? (Essential oils) is it only when they're mature or is it ok to use them at any point? 

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