Friday 18 April 2014

Dreads Affecting Employment + More! (Dreadlocks Q&A #37)

Episode #37 of my dreadlocks question & answer series - where I answer YOUR questions!

Jared Coleman
Question: I feel like if I wash my dreadlocks roughly its sorta of like the root rubbing technique. Do you have any input on that?

Question-- will you make a video on how you make those beads u put pics of on instagram?

Dreads obviously make it slightly more difficult with peoples preconceptions and negativity towards dreads so I was wondering since you've never really not had dreads (since 14) then what jobs, or what kind of jobs, have you had just as an idea of where is a good place to look for one :) I'm currently thinking about getting dreads and was wondering just how much it would set me back in interviews 

Joe Dirt
Question... My dreads are coming up on 3 months of age and it seems the root area around some of the dreads is sort for matting together quite Vigorously. in the beginning I was separating them often but I've kind of let it do it's thing as I am going for the more organic freeform approach. is this something that could get out of control or will it eventually even itself out once they get longer?.

Mala Nicole Wehr
I am in newborn dread faze, they look great, however I only have 20 or so dreads. they are finger sized and I have normal thickness of hair. What is the average amount if dreads most people get on their head? no one ever answers the question of how many they have...

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