Saturday 8 March 2014

Natural / Neglect / Freeform Dreadlocks

Natural / Neglect / Freeform Dreadlocks information. What are neglect dreadlocks? How do you start the neglect process? what are the pros and cons of neglect dreadlocks?

This method requires you to do nothing... nothing!. If you leave your hair along for long enough it will in fact form deadlocks. To use the neglect method successfully you simply need to stop brushing and conditioning your hair.


This method will create completely 'natural' dreadlocks. Their appearance will differ from those attained by other methods because the hair will not be constrained to any predetermined root pattern.

This is obviously the cheapest method because you don't need to buy anything special or pay anyone to create the locks for you.

This method doesn't require any hair or scalp work so you will not experience the sore scalp that some of the other methods immediately result in.

This method doesn't require any products / no waxes or gels are required for this method


This is in some ways the slowest method for attaining dreadlocks. While all methods will take 1 year+ to mature, Neglect dreads take a really long time before they even look like dreadlocks.

You have very little control over how they look. The other methods have a vary degree of control over how thick or thin the dreadlocks are because you create them from the root upwards and therefore the dreadlocks will always be as thick or as thin as the root pattern you used. In the case of neglect dreadlocks you are leaving them to their own devices and this can result in very uneven looking dreadlocks. You will have to periodically pull the matted sections of hair apart yourself in order to stop them forming one huge dreadlock, but that's about all the control you will have.

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