Wednesday 19 March 2014

Hair Follicles + More (Dreadlocks Q&A #33)

Question: I have wanted to start making my locks but I want to make a few here and there and not just all at once. How would I continue to wash the hair that isn't made into dreadlocks when I needed to and what kind of shampoo should I use? 

Isaac Navarro
Question: My dreadlocks are fairly young about 4 months and since the hair that falls out stays in the dread the ends of the hair that was in the scalp stays white. My hair color is black and it stands out a lot. I tried deep cleansing my hair to try and make the white specks fall off or something but it doesn't seem to go away, what should I do?

BrosLæ h
question: sometimes when i see people with dreads, they show a lot of scalp ( you can see the sectioning) how can you make sure you won't see a lot of scalp like with normal hair? thanks

Niklas Nieminen
Question: What are the risks, (if any) and consequences of cleaning and/or soaking your dreads too often? provided they're mature and you dry them properly?

Jen Marshall
When I rip my dreads apart so they don't Congo, I tend to have a lot of random stray hairs that don't want to join a nearby dread. How do I get them to join the others?

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