Thursday 13 March 2014

Dreads Products + More (Dreadlocks Q&A #32)

Episode 32 of my Dreadlocks Question & Answer series - where I answer YOUR questions.

kyle innes
QUESTION: if a person has unsectioned dreads and the dreads form randomly, if there is a large gap between dreads like right at the top of your head where all the hair is taken up by like two dreads, is there anything you can do to make a dread between them

robert ruiz
QUESTION: what if instead of using baking soda and water you used baking powder and water will it have the same effect or fuck up the dreads 

Blake Taylor
QUESTION: My dreadlocks (43) are a month and 3 weeks old. I didn't section mine as I wasn't too bothered about them looking neat or "uniform" like others have told me sectioned dreadlocks look. I started them with the TnP method and Crotcheted them once, just to get all the loose hair that was left behind, but I haven't done anything with them since. My question is what is your opinions + pro's & con's of sectioned V.s Unsectioned?:)

Anthony Dach
Question: I've stopped using crochet hook because I broke one or two of my dreads. They are now thin, separate at the root and not locking at all, :( Will they ever start to lock up again, or they will just fall off. ? Any ideas? :) Thanks, We love you. So say we all :)

Amanda Rodriguez
What dread product's, if any, do you recommend when starting dreads? Or dread products in general?


  1. I have like SUPER soft hair and just wanted to know would it be really hard to get dreadlocks? (I am going to backcomb it) Sorry if this isnt the right spot

    1. Super soft hair is going to be more difficult to lock if compared to thicker, coarser hair.