Wednesday 5 March 2014

Conditioning Dreads + More (Dreadlocks Q&A #31)

QUESTION: I'm considering getting real dreads but I only wash my hair once a week as I have synthetic dread extentions and just find the whole washing and drying process a faff so I'm a bit of a dry shampoo addict with my loose hair and fringe. I'm aware of shampoo being a problem cause it causes residue but if I were to use dry shampoo with real dreads do you know if would it cause a similar problem? Most of them are made of just rice powder which sounds pretty natural but some of them, including one I use, has extra volumising things in them. Peace :) x

Bobfari Kaolc
I Have Brown Hair, Naturally Wavy But I Dry It Straight And It's In A Fringe Style Up To My Ears, My Hair Is Prone To Get Really Greasy If I Don't Wash It For A Few Days..... I REALLY REALLY Want Dreadlocks (Natural Style, No Dye, No Bleach, No Nothing.. Just My Hair Forming Into Dreads By Their Own Accord...) My Ethnicity Is Caucasian. How Long Does My Hair Have To Be Before I Can Start To Grow Dreads?? And How Many Times Do I Need To Wash My Hair?? (Like Once Every Week, Two Weeks??).... THANKS A MILLION FOR YOUR HELP AND ONE LOVE!!!! Bobfari :D

De Disciple
Question:What section size are mostly commonly got or recommended, and what's the smallest and biggest size recommended to get if you plan on getting smaller or bigger than "Normal"?

Question: which is better to have thin or thick dreads?

Laura Kerswill
Whats the best treatment for conditioning/softening your dreads, and how often should it be done? Mine are 12 months old and starting to feel pretty wiry  

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