Thursday 27 February 2014

Wrapping Dreads + More (Dreadlocks Q&A #30)

Andrew Villa
Qustion: so i have two month old dreads, and i like the way most are developing. But there are two things bothings me. 1. Because my hair was not evenly cut when i started them alot of the shorter dreads have came out, and ive tried to tighten then a few times, so i just dont care. But will they eventually dread? The second problem is my sectioning, at first i wanted really clean sectioning but now you can see my scalp. I figure its a good thing because their not growing together but id rather my sclap not be exposed.. Will this eventualy happen???

Jill Vevers
Question: Is there a way of splitting a really large dread in half?

Laura Paige-Rowell
Question: I've had my dreads since July and now some of them are starting to do this zig zag thing because of how hair grows. Did your dreads do that too?

cai mansfeld
QUESTION: my dreadlocks have locked up now but their tips are keep coming un don help me . ps. your awesome

Kassandra Jo
About how long should I wait before I wrap my dreads? I've heard that if I wrap them too early they can take a lot longer to mature than the ones that aren't wrapped. 

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