Wednesday 19 February 2014

Bleaching, Dying + More (Dreadlock Q&A #29)

Jared Coleman
Question: What are your thoughts on twisting dreads at the root? I only do it sometimes to help start Congo Dreads.

QUESTION: thanks for your videos man theyre pretty awesome!! I noticed one of your dreads has been dyed, i want to dye my dreads ginger but have no idea how to. how would you do them?

F√łgle Fyren
QUESTION: Hey Lazy :D i been thinking about getting dreadlocks in a long time now but my hair is not long enough... is it the same if i get dreadlocks whit extensions? :)

kyle innes
question, what do you think about making a sea salt/lemon juice spray to be applied to dry dreads for tightening? does it do anything and is it harmful in any way? such as buildup ect 

Cameron Jaster
How long will it take for my dreads to stop shrinking? And whats the estimate number of inches dreads grow per year?

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