Wednesday 15 January 2014

Interview With A Dreadhead - Kristin Burdal

A dreadlocks interview with Kristin Burdal. Kristin is the composer behind the Lazy Dreads intro music and also created the background music for the collaborative timeline.

The questions:

Age of dreadlocks?

Do you remember when you first decided you wanted dreadlocks?

Reason for starting dreadlocks?

What method and what was the reason they chose the method they used to get their dreads?

Any maintenance work?

Which is their favourite dread?

At any point in the messy stage did they contemplate cutting/quitting?

How long do they plan to let them grow?

What products if any were used?

How do they wear them day-to-day?

How often do you wash them and what do you wash them with?

Reactions from general public, relatives and/or boyfriend/girlfriend?

Any locked idols?

How many people do you know personally with dreadlocks?

Any advice for people yet to start?

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