Friday 24 January 2014

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #26

Sean Ford
QUESTION. I live in Florida (the states) and I know that swimming in the ocean is great for helping lock up dreads as it rinses oils out and such. I have yet to do this sense my dreads are only a month old and not quite ready for that much water but, my question is after you get out of the ocean how long should you let the salt water stay in your locks before washing them out seeing as ocean water is dirty with fish pee and other randomness? At what point is Sean Fordthe salt water no longer doing its job and just being fishy?

Knotty Knative
Question: I have recently started my dreads using the "Interlocking" method (I tried twice before with the backcombing method and wasn't happy with the looseness). Now they are firmly together but was wondering if its ok to not go back for another interlocking session to upkeep and just let them grow out naturally from now on? I have heard horror stories about dreads falling off due to this etc....Yakoke (thank you)

Question: do you ever have dreams that someone takes your dreads out?? weird I know, But I have them all the time,lol. Just curious.

QUESTION: When it's time to split the dreads so they don't grow together, the roots end up looking quite crazy and all over the place. Is there any maintenance you would recommend to stay on top of that mess?

Madison Groves
You single?

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