Thursday 12 December 2013

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #23

QUESTION: Do you think it's a smart idea to start dreads in the winter rather than summer so that you wont have to deal with your loose hair and roots getting sweaty and looking disgusting since it will be cold outside?

QUESTION: Have you ever got your dreads caught on or in something and what was the strangest thing they get caught on or in ?

Question: My Dreads are standing up,do you know when they will start hanging down,or anything i can do? THANK YOU

Meep Moop
QUESTION: My boyfriend has had his dreadlocks for almost a year now and he has always had quite bad dandruff, and he's worried about them getting into the dread, hes trying tea tree oil and other stuff but none of it is working very well, would you say having dandruff is really bad for the locking up process? or wont it make any difference? Cheers

Dylan Funk
Do you ever get tired of doing all of these videos? Or do you just enjoy helping people on their dreadlock journey so much that it never gets old?

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