Wednesday 4 December 2013

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #22

Ken Tremain
Question I have read that you should cut Dreads with a razor blade. I have also seen a guy with flat tips (presumably from cutting with scissors) and I didn't like the looks. How do you cut Your Dreads?

QUESTION: hey man, im letting my dreads be natural, but i just dunno what to say when people tell me "dude your dreads are comming out!" i was wondering if you know how to answer that without having to go through a long explanation. Thanks. Peace.

coby ray
QUESTION: Im thinking of putting bleach In my dreads, some people think they will be likely to snap. whats your take on bleaching dreadlocks?

Liz Sherlock
QUESTION: would you ever get rid of your dreadlocks?

Tyler Wilkinson
How do you know if you have moldy dreads

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