Sunday 10 November 2013

Dreadlocks Questions and Answers #18

Ryan tay
 Question????? I have some small dreads that I would like to put together, how do I go about doing that??

 QUESTION: What should you do when you've got dreadlocks and become infected with nits??

 Question: i have had my dreads for about a week now and I'm having a problem with my dreads in the back of my head. my dreads are about six inches. They are not wanting to stay locked. I did the twist and rip method because I feel like it's the most natural besides neglect. If you have any advice on keeping them locked that would be great

Jonas Hägg
 Question: I've neglected dreads and I wonder how your "dreamddreads" would look like if you know what I mean and since all dreads are different which are the coolest dreads you've spotted?

OnlyMy Own Voice
Is it actually necessary to do dread lock maintenance (pull the loose hair in with loose hair tools/palm roll etc) with new dreads - Or can I get amazing thick, rounded dreads by simply separating & properly washing/drying them? It seems like the tools seem to give an immediate smooth looking result. However, it seems to create more loose hairs & soft spots in the long run than areas I just left to their own devices. What's your experience on maintenance tools?

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