Thursday 28 November 2013

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #21

Question: Hey Chris, I started my dreads about 2 months ago and towards the end of pretty much every dread, I get obvious curls. I was wondering if I just let them go, will they naturally de-curl, or should I do something about it? These curls are probably due to me being half black and half white, so I have curly hair that is a mix of kinky African hair and straight Caucasian hair. thx

QUESTION: Hey, I love your videos, they are super helpful. my dreads have very odd shaped sections which are causing some of them to grow slightly squashed and flat. is there any way I can reorganise them so they they are not so flat? is there anything I can do apart from wet palm rolling to make them rounder?

Lauren Thompson
Question: I'm starting my dreads next week with th backcombing and crochet method. I have been having a lot of hair regrowth lately after increasing my protein and vitamin intake. Will those new baby hairs easily get knotted in with my dreads later on, or will I be left with a lot of extra undreaded hair around my dreads? Thanks.

kyle innes
Question, what do you think of useing aloe Vera/aloe Vera gel for frizz? It's it just like other prodtucs or does it work

Greg Showen 
Is it true that cannabis ashes tighten dreadlocks? I've never tried it but ive had people ask me if I use it to help them

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