Friday 15 November 2013

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #19

Aaron Rosselet
 QUESTION: please, tell me what i can do about dandruff. I use dr. bronners and id like to keep everything i put in my hair natural. so please tell me something to fix this. its really gross : (

 Question: are beanies and other hats etc problematic for dreads?

 Question: Would you recommend putting rubber bands/beads at the tips of new dreads (about a month old) to stop them falling out? Every time I wash my hair I get about two inches of paintbrush tips. Also, could you suggest a few good shampoos easily available from Supermarkets/online or suchlike? Cheers Squire, your vids are epic. X

TheManWithThe Hat
 Question: how much slower do dreadlocks grow than normal hair? My dreads are about 7 months old and starting to look really nice, but right now they are only around seven inches right now. When will they be twelve or so inches? I want longer locks! Love your vids man//"Sir" Niklas Themanwiththehat Nieminen

Ilja Hallink
 If you wouldn't have cut your dreads, ever, how long do you think they'd be by now ?

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