Wednesday 23 October 2013

Dreadlocks - Question and Answer #17

Happy Hippie
Question:Hi Chris! I know some people actually sew their dreadlocks with cotton thread to give them a more uniform "neater" look. Personally I don't think it's a good idea, but what is your thoughts on this? Thanks, Anna.

Question!! I live near a beach and I'm considering doing my first wash of my dreads in the sea as I've heard the salt water will help the locking process. Do you think the salt water will help much in the very early stages?

T Dougie
Question: Do you have any knowledge or tips about how to help dreads grow faster?

Yo Momma
Question: Hi I`m planning on getting dreads very soon and people have been saying that you get attention from the public so if you get dreads, how often is attention from passers-by to be expected? And is it more positive than negative or the other way round, and how bad is the negativity towards then? Thanks very much :)

Dewy Tyler Gordon
How do you go about separating congas, the nape of my neck or my tails have all three started to lock at the base, and id perfer it wasnt so but its too locked to just rip it apart..

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