Thursday 10 October 2013

Dreadlocks Question and Answer #15

Knotty Braydz
Question: Answer in your next Q and A! ;) I thought my dreads were tight, why are they feeling looser lately??!!

Joe S
Question: Is it better to start neglect method dreads when your hair is fairly short, or should someone wait until their hair is on the longer side

Josefine Berggren
Question: Both me and my boyfriend started dreads about 6 months ago, mine are doing really well but he's getting a bit of lint near some of the roots, can I help him to remove it? and how does he prevent it?
Also I would just like to thank you for posting all these videos, they've really helped me a lot.

Jonas Hägg
question: Heey! I've still pretty young dreads and their becomes very loose when im swimming and stuff but I'm trying not to worry about that. To my qustion then, usually I sleep om my back and im moving around a lot while sleeping so my dreads in the back of my head has started loopinh and become really short what should I do about thiis? I've tried sleeping on mi side but I always waking up on my back. Peace out

Question: Is it dangerous to wear beads ?

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