Tuesday 1 October 2013

Dreadlocks Question and Answer 13 and 14

These Q&A's were uploaded automatically while I was away and so they have not yet been posted here on Lazydreads.com

itzel hernandez
Question: were your parents always fond of your dreads? If not, how did you convince them to like them? Or did they just get used to it? Because my parents think my dreads are disgusting and that I should take them out. They are bearly 1 in half months so they look like complete shit at this stage. But ever since I got them they've been nagging that they look ugly and that the dreads are taking away my sanity (which they are not), but yeah, I'm no way in hell going to take them out. anyways, whats your take on this and opinion on a situation like this?

question:does loose fringe hair annoy you I have a bit and I tried wraping it round the dread its closed too but it never seems to wanna stay have you ne other tips for this kind regards

AntonĂ­n Dach
Question: Hi, :) I have young dreadlock, and after every wash up, they tend to grow together, I mean really much :D, I have to seperate them every time and I fear it damages the roots :/ shall I do somthing?

Question. Thoughts on using hairspray to keep young dreads "less loose/tight"?

Question: Have you ever had dreams about your dreadlocks? If so, what of?

Question: Hello Mr. Lazy Dreads! I've watched all of your videos and you have been a great help to me in my dread journey so far. My dreads are fairly young (2-3 months) so are beginning to lock and some not so much. Do you think my dreads are mature enough to give them a deep cleanse?? Thank-You

Question-i have 5 week old dreads and they seriously look like my normal hair. You can feel the knots in them but from a distance it looks like regular hair. Is this normal? Thanks.

Question: I have very young dreads just 2 weeks old and there is around 4 inches of not knotted/dreaded hair between my scalp and where the dread starts. I used the twist and rip method and had around 14 inches of very curly and fairly thick hair. Just wondering if this is a normal length between the scalp and the dread,even for being so early on.

AntonĂ­n Dach 
Question: I have young small dreads and I fear about pulling them apart when they want to grow together at the roots, cause it breaks my hair and small dreads dont have much to spare(hair) :/

Loki LaVay 
*!QUESTION!* Is there a way to get the smell of smoke out of my hair i wash my hair all the time and no matter what kind of shampoo i use it still smells like smoke *sigh* please help me smell pretty again thank you P.S. love you videos watch them every time you upload :) cheers

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