Wednesday 28 August 2013

Dreadlocks Question and Answer #12

B Jibs
ive had my dreads for about 12 months now, and i just wanted to know will they ever grow longer?? it seems they are getting shorter?
also the top of my head gets crazzy itchy, but does not flake. it just itches like mad and the skin is very pink. i currently use T-gel shampoo twice a week, and ACV rinse every month...any tips would be the best - thanks so much, cheers

QUESTION! I seemed twist and rip my dreads a little to tightly and they are very they ( around and inch) but the majority of them are small. My questions is as they mayure and tighen will I be in danger of my dreads breaking. I dont crochet hook or palm rolling as they are tihht enough. I wont brush them out and srat over

Question: Hello! Im thinking about starting dreadlocks! Im just wondering what condition should i have my hair in before starting them for the twist and rip method? Thank you!

Jessica Thompson
QUESTION: How do you take care of your dreads after swimming with them in a pool, lake, or ocean? (I doubt I would soak them in a hot tub because those are gross to begin with.) I like to exercise in the water and I want to know if I were to swim every day and get them wet in either a pool, lake, or ocean, what would you recommend other than making sure they dry completely? My ends are not blunted, they are wispy so the water runs right out of them and they take little time to dry.

Question: When I lay down at night my dreads kind of itch at my scalp a lot and I find I need to push them all around until I find a spot where they don't bug me. Any tips for that?

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