Thursday 15 August 2013

Dreadlocks Question and Answer #10

The 10th installment of my Q&A videos. 5 new questions ready to go:

Scales Yo
Question!!: I'm thinking about starting neglect dreads, do you have any specific advise for that method? I have soft straight hair and it's only about 6 inches long at its longest layer. Any advice would be lovely, thank you! Much love, xo

Ralf Florian
Question: I have afro growing hair, but im black and asian. This makes my hair have a weird texture (kinda soft but thick). I was wondering if this would play a role in sectioning.

QUESTION - what should I do for very dry dreads? I have done the deep cleanse and used apple cider vinegar. And it is soft only for that day. So my dreads are very dry and I'm worried about breakage.

Anu Kookla
QUESTION: What is the best way to get sand out of dreads? I went to the beach and now there is sand in my dreads and on my scalp.

Question: what method of starting dreads is the best in your opinion backcomb, twist and rip or neglect and why? P.s thanks for the reply love your videos

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