Friday 21 June 2013

Question and Answer Part: 7

Question!! I just started the neglect dreads last week & I was wondering since I have short thick hair (about to my neck/shoulders) is it alright to put my hair up with a rubber band? I hate the hair in my face as I have Trichatellamania, and pull at it quite frankly. And also, I wear a slouch beanie like seriously 24/7, so should I actually avoid wearing my beanie right now since they are just beginning? Or no rubberband but beanie is ok? What's the most prefered thing to do?

R. M.
Question: Do you recommend a technique for keeping young dreads from flattening? Your videos have been the most helpful to me in assisting my 9 year old son on his dreadlock journey! Thank you!

Question from Chrissy W.: My dreads are 1yr 3m, I have a lot of little clumps of loose hair scattered around that are too small the make into real dreads. Question is, Will my hair tidy itself up eventually? I'm terrible in the mirror, if I try to do any kind of root maintenance I just get cross-eyed and give up.

QUESTION: my dreadlocks are at 1 year in a month.. you think they will congo ?

Question- how long do think hair should be before dreading it I.e back combing etc

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