Sunday 26 May 2013

Question and Answer Part: 5

Hey, how long would you say your hair should be to begin dreading? - Sarah

question? (yeah!!!! thanks for answering and you are a cool dude sorry for the deep question lol) what sort of bands/guitarists do you like?

Lenore Osorio
hey my dreads are 2 yrs an 3 months old I don't do any thing to them but should I maintain the roots??or do anything to them they are lockek but not all the way to root your dreads are beautiful!!an do you do anything to yhem???

 Kena Brown
Hi again. I've had my dreads for 1year&1month YAY! and I've added wool dreads to the end of my dreadlocks because I wanted them longer (You can prob see them in my tumbnail there're white) This is alright isnt it? Am I going to get mold etc?- Kenaa!

 mikki harris
question: your dreads are pretty long and thick, do they ever weigh you down or hurt your neck? Some people say there dreads make their neck and back hurt and some people don't even mention it. And by the way Im obsessed with your dreads, they're perfect

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