Saturday, 23 February 2013

Dreadlock beads care

Beads are an excellent way to decorate your dreadlocks they add colour and even more uniqueness to an already unique set of dreads. This video highlights a few things to be aware of when getting beads for your dreadlocks such as: Be aware that new dreads might not be tough enough to hold beads straight away, it's recommended to remove beads when showering and be aware of the limitations that come with budget beads.

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  1. Thank you, first of all for the great information about dreads. I started my partial dreads two days ago. I did used the backcombing and twist and rib method to get my baby dreads started. i have a lot of frizz and they are humped at the roots I've been wrapping my head to apply pressure and bring them down.. would twine wrapping help and when can I use thread/twine?