Saturday 29 December 2012

Dreadlock Soap Reviews

I've got something new for this site and my Youtube channel starting up in the New Year. When it comes to dreadlock soaps and shampoos there are quite a few to choose from and most people (me included) will buy a soap, find out it works for them and keep using it forever. If you've read my washing and drying post you'll see that I only list 3 different dreadlock soaps. Even after 5+ years I can only honestly talk about 3 soaps. So, in the New Year I will be starting a new soap every month and reviewing the product. I'll start off with a dreadlock deep cleanse - and I'll make a video on this, then continue the rest of the month with the new soap. I feel that having used it for a month I'll have a good gauge as to whether it has started to leave any residue, whether it hurts my eyes, how fresh it leaves my head feeling and how long the fresh feeling stays. Something else I'll also be taking into account is the value for money I get with each soap/shampoo.

So if my soap review series and dreadlock cleanse video sound like something you'd be interested in, stick around. You can sign up for email notifications from my blog and join the mailing list - or you can subscribe to my youtube channel: to be kept in the loop. (If you really enjoy my content and sign up AND subscribe I shall consider you a super fan!).

Ok, so the dreadlock deep cleanse video should be coming out at the start of the New Year - once I get home and the soap reviews starting straight after. I've already got a few soaps lined up but you can leave my a comment here, or better yet tweet me here: with what soap you already use and I can add it to my list!

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